New site

I want to thank you for visiting the new site! It has been several years since I first started this site, but I am extremely excited to be back at it again.

Please, be patient while I am building the whole new site. The new site is being completely rebuilt from the ground up. Soon I plan to have the first real blog post published. After that I will be uploading new posts to the site regularly. There will be a variety of posts ranging from my experiences, informative posts, and even some opinion posts.

From the first experience with the site there will be several new changes coming this year to make the site better than it has ever been. I will also be adding a section to look for posts by category. That way if there was a great informative post that you want to refer to again it will be easier to find.

I also plan to add some new decals and other products in the future. Hopefully, you will help support the site by checking there when you are looking for some new outdoors products.

I hope you will be just as excited about returning as I am. I look forward to creating a great new community with love for all kinds of outdoor exploring.

Check back soon to see all of the great changes